Can You Pass the Ultimate Love Test?


Do you think it's possible to change a partner?

If you love someone, then all you should need to be happy is them, right?

Should you schedule sex with a long term partner?

Do you think that strong couples should fight?

How do you like to show affection?

True or false: jealousy is a sign of love.

Do you think it's ok to watch porn in a relationship?

Is it ok to have a significant age gap in relationships?

Should your partner have close friends of the gender they're attracted to?

How important is sex in a relationship?

Do you make yourself vulnerable in relationships?

If you are having a disagreement with your partner, how do you approach the conversation?

Do you ever leave fights overnight without settling them?

Do you always want to know where your partner is?

Your partner says“jump off this cliff. I promise you'll be safe."Should you trust them?

Should you ever lie to your partner?

Do you think that if you're in the right relationship it will take hard work, or it will just come naturally?

Do you think couples should talk about money?

Every relationship requires sacrifice. True or false?

Is it normal for a partner to look over your texts or emails?

Is it cute when your partner calls you perfect?

Do you want to know about your partner's dating history?

It's important that partners can give each other feedback. Is it ok to criticize a partner?

f you love someone, you should move forward as quickly as possible, right?

Last question - how would you rate this quiz?

Can You Pass the Ultimate Love Test?
You're about average when it comes to relationships. Share and see if any of your friends know love better than you do.

You know the big red flags: if they’re telling you what to wear or who to talk to, you are about to skedaddle out of that relationship. But you haven’t quite figured out the nuances of building a strong and healthy relationship. Lucky for you, that puts you on par with basically everyone else. None of us have any idea what we’re doing, so knowing what not to do puts you in the middle of the pack. Nice job!
You would be a catch for almost anyone, although you have a couple places to improve. Share to see how good at love your friends are.

You’ve got a good handle on what it means to be in a healthy relationship, and you’re well aware of all the red flags that could pop up. You know how to keep a good relationship moving forward at a healthy pace, and what can get in the way of a good couple. There might be a couple of places where you haven’t quite got it figured out, or where you’ve internalized a couple of myths that society continues to tell us (naw, it’s not cute to be jealous). But you’re doing way better than most people.
You're a love genius! You aced this love quiz. Share with your friends and see how well they do.

Are you a couples therapist or something? You have some serious chops when it comes to knowing all there is to know about romance and love. You’ve got a strong idea of what a healthy relationship looks like, you know how to communicate, and you respect yourself and your partners. Tone it down so the rest of us have a chance ok? You’re just a little bit too perfect and it’s ruining the curve.
Please do not get into a relationship anytime soon. You have a lot to learn about love. Share and see if any of your friends can teach you.

Hey, maybe you should do a little bit of reading about healthy relationships, and the statistics of what makes a relationship fail or succeed. Because apparently, you’ve got some goofy ideas and honestly? You deserve better. Jealousy isn’t healthy. Arguing is a normal part of relationships. Constant criticism? Not so much. It doesn’t take too much to learn. Just some sweet Googling and maybe a chat with a therapist. You got this.
Oof, you could brush up a bit on your knowledge of romance. Share and see if any of your friends do better.

You’ve certainly been in relationships before, and you know the most obvious things there are to know about love (yes, you should talk about money before you get married), but that’s about as far as it goes. You should probably learn a little more about healthy relationships before you commit to being in one. Don’t feel too bad: we’ve all grown up around confusing images and ideas of love. It takes time to learn what’s healthy.

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