How Tough Are You?


When you have trouble opening a jar's lid..

Which of these footwear would you wear?

When you knock your pinkie toe against something accidentally, you...

A sad scene in which kind of movie would make you cry?

When you hear a loud noise in the middle of the night, you...

Which of the following scares you the most?

You see a huge insect on the wall. You...

Which career would you have no problem doing?

Which ailment would force you to go to the doctor?

At a haunted house with your friends, where would you stand in line?

How often do you exercise?

Do you have kids?

What's your favorite part of going to a theme park?

Which would you rather pick, truth or dare?

Finally, who's your favourite "tough guy"?

How Tough Are You?
I'm tough!

You've earned enough to call yourself tough, but that's about 75%. You've still got a quarter way to go to become completely tough! You probably already know where you lack strength, since you are so tough mentally. So, go on and try to strengthen those things and reach ultimate tough-ness!

We're sorry, but you're only about 25% tough! You need to toughen up physically, at least to protect yourself. Mentally and emotionally, you have to toughen up so that you make the right decisions for yourself and to ensure you don't let small things hurt you.

Well you're pretty tough, about 50%! You put on a tough display, maybe to prevent people seeing your flaws. We think you should embrace your flaws and toughen up. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise

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