This Test Will Reveal How Many People Have Been in Love With You


Typically in a relationship, who drops the big L word first. We're talking about LOVE. In your romantic history, who's usually the first one to say“I love you"?

Not when you started dating your current partner, but when did you start dating in general?

Regardless of if you think it was a good or bad relationship, what was the longest relationship you've been in?

Pick the best word to describe your most significant ex.

What's one relationship deal breaker you're absolutely inflexible on. This happens? You're out! What is it?

Be honest here: why did your last relationship end?

In your opinion, what's the best (sometimes cliche sounding) relationship advice out of the following?

When you have a bad day, what's the one thing you need from your partner?

Fill in the blank: Valentine's Day is ___________________.

You could never be with someone who didn't share the same for _____ that you have. What is it?

In the great words of Meatloaf,“I would do anything for love, but I won't do that."What's“that"for you?

What's one“annoying"habit your significant other has (or would have) that you actually find endearing?

For you, relationships aren't“real"until... what?

Since this quiz is about people falling in love with YOU, what would you say is your most lovable trait?

What's your ideal first date location? All love stories gotta start somewhere!

If money were no object, what's your ideal destination to spend a week away with your sweetheart?

Other than sexual compatibility, for you it's super important that the person you're in love with and you are compatible... what?

Just checking: what's your current relationship status anyway?

We won't judge either way, but have you ever had a one night stand?

Fill in the blank! You've really good at flirting your way into getting ______________.

You don't have to be polyamorous to agree with this sentiment, but do you believe that it's possible to be in love with more than one person at a time?

Pick out a red flag. Are you waving it? Are they? Doesn't matter! Which one speaks to you the most? Pick the reddest red flag.

Both of these options suck, but pick out which one feels worse for you.

This one's pretty dark, but would you rather:

Last question - how would you rate this quiz?

This Test Will Reveal How Many People Have Been in Love With You
It's lucky number THREE for you and your heart! That's how many people've fallen in love with you. Share your results!

You’ve broken a few hearts in your time. Maybe some of them were even unintentional! How can they be intentional if you never knew this person had feelings for you? Well, that’s on them. But, three ain’t bad! Did you ever do anything about those feelings directed towards you? Did they? Please let us know if we got this number right in the comments (you don’t have to name names), but this sounds like a really solid number when it comes to love. Good job! Love is a high-impact contact sport and you’re a total champ. Share your results to see if anyone else thinks there should be varsity jackets for breaking hearts (and getting your heart broken, too. DEFENSE!)
Check you out, you stud! SIX whole entire people have been in love with you! Share your results!

Oooh la la! Look at you! Racking up secret admirers and significant others left and right. Okay, regardless of how many times you’ve been in love, six people have been in love with you. How cool is that? Was this number higher than you expected? We find that people who underestimate their prowess actually get a higher number on this quiz. It isn’t an exact science, but maybe let us in on your experiences? What number were you guessing? Six is a solid number and sounds about right for someone who wears their heart on their sleeve. That’s you to a T isn’t it? Share your results to let everyone know that you wear your heart on your sleeve for easy access. Duh!
It's not about quantity, it's about quality for you. TWO people have been in love with you! Share your results!

Two is a lovely number. A pair of something is better than a pair of nothing, right? Were these big loves of your life or secret admirers? Two feels like a good number. It means you’ve loved and lost and moved forward and through it. You definitely value love and relationships and prioritize making an effort with whoever’s lucky enough to be your partner. Chances are these were longterm relationships and you invested a lot of time and love in these people. How lucky for them! Share your result and tag your exes to say thank you (or to roast them by flexing the plurality of your admirers).
Did you know that FOUR people have been in love with you? Well, now you do! Share your results!

If it were socially acceptable to confess feelings for someone while they’re with someone else, you wouldn’t be surprised by this number. Are you? Were you expecting something higher? Well, suffice it to say, there have been a few times in your life – unbeknownst to you – that someone was pining for you without ever letting you in on their heart. Similarly, someone’s definitely dropped the big love-bomb on you without meaning it. Maybe they were confused? All’s we know is that you’ve netted a wonderful foursome in your time. Lucky! Share your results to see if any of the four come out of the woodwork on social media and reveal their true identities!

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